Our Facilities

Production Unit

(a)  Well-designed separate areas conforming to GMP standards are provided for each dosage form.
(b) Adequate space in the manufacturing area is provided for easy and smooth flow of operations and to prevent mix up, contamination and cross contamination.
(c) Designed and constructed to have walls, ceilings, are by PUFF panels, and floors are with Kota stones which are smooth helps in easy & effective cleaning with necessary disinfections.
(d) Pipe work, light fittings, ventilation points and other services are designed and sited to avoid the creation of recess that are difficult to clean.
(e) Drains are of adequate size and equipped to prevent back-flow.
(f) Passages of adequate width are provided to facilitate the easy movement of   personnel, machinery and materials.
(g) Production areas are well lit with LED lights, special provisions are in place for visual online inspections, and controls are carried out.

Ventilation System

Manufacturing and filling areas are ventilated with separate Air Handling Units (AHUs) wherever required, incorporating pre and fine filters with suitable pressure gradients. Ventilation system is designed to meet the following:

a) To prevent entry of air-borne particulate contaminants in to working area.
b) Enclosed are semi-enclosed systems to re-circulate the particulate free air.
c) Incoming volume of air is adequate so that particulate contaminants are swept into.
d) Dust or floating particulate matter generated in manufacturing areas is removed  before settling. Temperature and humidity are so controlled that these do not affect the product to be processed and provide comfort to workers. Other areas are provided with adequate ventilation and exhaust with mesh fittings to prevent dust, flies and insects.

Toxic, Hazardous Sensitizing Material

No Toxic, Hazardous and Sensitizing materials are handled at this site. A complete site is highly managed with perfect security system for any external disturbance and side effects.

Maintenance and Servicing of Air Handling & Water System

To ensure smooth functioning of the equipment’s and prevent breakdowns, Preventive maintenance programs are followed as per the written down procedures. As per the list of equipment in the facility, Engineering and Maintenance department has prepared a preventive maintenance schedule. The frequency of Preventive Maintenance has been decided based on the criticality of the equipment in use. The scope of Preventive Maintenance includes all plant & maintenance equipment as well as Quality control instruments.  Wherever required outside authorized engineers are deputed for the activity to be performed on contract basis. Critical QC instruments and other sophisticated instruments covered under annual maintenance contract with the authorized outside contract services.  If any equipment/machine is not available for preventive maintenance, or preventive maintenance cannot be carried out for some reason or the other, an alternate date is rescheduled and authorized by the Unit Head and Manager of engineering.  If any equipment/machine needs servicing, the operator of the equipment reports to the concerned departmental Manager through his Supervisor/Chemist.  A request for service is then forwarded to the Engineering Department with details of the service required and the date on which the servicing of the equipment can be done.