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REVIVE Formulations India Pvt Ltd., manufactures oral liquid formulations in a sterile atmosphere. We manufacture Oral liquid dosage forms including solutions, syrups, suspensions, elixirs, and concentrates that provide better patient compliance for those with swallowing difficulties. This offers better dosage control versus a fixed tablet dose. The potential advantages of oral liquid dosage forms, such as no dissolution time and rapid absorption by the intestines



Revive Proudly Launches New Ointment Section

We are glad to announce that we are escalating our business line to next level with New Ointment Section with the help and kind support and patronage of our very reliable and regular customers.
You have supported us from the very beginning of our enterprise and have held our hand through every up and down. We are truly grateful for this kind of support you have extended to us, and we hope you would do the same in our future ventures.
For the sake of our customers, we have built the New ointment Section with Latest brand sparkling technology and as per GMP standards.
We, at Revive Formulations, hope that with your help it will take us to our zenith of glory. We wish your continued patronage and will try our best to serve you in all professional manner.

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